3 Task Sheets You Need To Blog More In Less Time

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Are you constantly feeling like you have too much blog work to complete in the time you have available? Do you want to get more done in less time?

Get more blogging done in less time! You can shave hours off your work week by creating these 3 task sheets for yourself.

I am constantly on the lookout for ways to get more blogging done in less time and recently I stumbled upon a great way.

It all started with the decision our family made to take a rather long road trip.

Being a blogger, I can’t stop work for the duration of our road trip. Well I could, but there would be several negative consequences that I am not willing to pay.

I realized if I want to enjoy this trip as much as the rest of my family and not feel like my blog is suffering, I would need to figure out how to get my work done faster.

After much brainstorming I decided the best way to get more done was to break down what I routinely need to do to maintain a profitable blog while still having a life into 3 categorized task sheets.

3 Task Sheets That Can Help You Get More Blogging Done In Less Time

First Vital Step

You have to actually use the sheets once you create them!

I don’t know about you but I am what I like to call Type B-personality. I type out lists like a Type A, but then I either lose the list or never follow it. So in order for this new system to work I had to make myself use them.

There may have been some chocolate rewards involved in helping me to make using my task sheets a habit. So if you need a reward system until using these tasks sheets becomes a habit–set it and go for it.

 Second Vital Step

Hold a brainstorming session

Before you set out to make these three task sheets you need to block out time to do some serious contemplation and brainstorming. A three hour time slot will probably be sufficient.

Here is what you agenda should look like for your brainstorming session

First spend time diving into your Google Analytics  as well as your income sources, asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are your top 50 to 100 posts of all time?
  • Where does the bulk of your traffic come from?
  • Where are you earning the bulk of your money?
  • What affiliate programs are you involved in that really just aren’t working for your blog?
  • What social media platforms are you using that bring you the most traffic?
  • What social media platforms don’t seem to be moving the traffic needle?

Now comes the hard part–make a pact with yourself to stop doing what isn’t bringing in a sizable return either in traffic or in money earned when compared to the time it takes to obtain it.

For example: if there is a topic you blog about and it isn’t getting you traffic, accept a narrowing of your niche and stop talking about that subject. If there is an affiliate that you have been pushing for months and yet you still haven’t made a sale (or just a few sales compared to other products)–stop spending time promoting it and spend the time you have on what is bringing you returns.

With those things crossed off your list you should be left with the most profitable blogging tasks for your blog.

Break down that list into blog tasks that you need to do daily, weekly and monthly to both maintain and grow in these areas.

I am not going to offer you my task sheet as free printables because they are very unique to my own blog, the time I have to work each day and a few more factors.  Therefore I feel it would be more helpful to just tell you how I did it so you can make your own.

Anyone can make these lists. I used Open Publisher to create mine. They do not have to be fancy–mine certainly are not. They just have to work!

Get more blogging done in less time! You can shave hours off your work week by creating these 3 task sheets for yourself.

 What Your Task Sheets Should Contain

Daily Blog Task List

Your daily blog task list should contain everything you need to do each day to keep your blog running well.

On one side of my daily blog task list page is a list of things in order of most important to things that I could miss doing for a day if needed. On the other side of the page is  lots of white space so I can also write down what I need to get done for the family that day, such as laundry or taking a child to the dentist.

I list things in order of importance so that if I am short on time I can skip what really doesn’t need to be done daily. For instance, I don’t have to look at my Facebook insights daily–I just like to, which means it is at the bottom of my list. However, I do have to make sure my post for the day is promoted through social media so that is at the top of my daily list.

Right under the absolutely essential daily stuff are the words “work on weekly task for the day.”  I will address that sheet in a moment, but know for now that this is a vital part of why this system is working so well for me. I use self discipline not to touch the things under “weekly task for the day” until my essential blog tasks are 100% complete.

Weekly Blog Task List

My weekly list breaks down one week of blog post writing into daily tasks so that I finish my blog posts days before they need to be posted–giving me breathing space in case of super busy days created by family stuff.

For example: on Monday I rough draft Friday’s post, Tuesday I finish it and Wednesday I read it one last time before sending it to the gal who proofreads it for me.

I keep Saturday open for special projects like eBooks, new subscriber freebies, an extra day off or as a catch up day if for some reason I got behind during the week.

Sundays I take a full day off blogging unless I took another day off during the week.

Monthly Task Sheets

My monthly task sheet is really more of an editorial calendar. I made a chart using the table maker in Open Office with enough boxes for a month’s worth of blog post titles and divided it up into sections for each day I post.

At the end of each month I hold a brainstorming session for blog post ideas. I can usually fill out this sheet with blog post ideas for the entire month within 30 minutes. I then take an hour or two outlining all those post ideas on paper so that I have a good post skeleton to put meat on when it is time write each post later in the month.

I would like to take this monthly listing of blog posts a step further and create a monthly post routine to follow. Something like “first Monday of the month a post on cleaning tips, second Monday of the month a post on decluttering, etc” so that even less brain power and time is needed each month to create a posting schedule.

Under the post title area I have a few empty lines dedicated for things I would like to get done on the blog during the month should I have more time than usual to work on it. Usually this includes 3 posts I would like to update for Pinterest.

At the very bottom I have an area marked “Saturday project” with two empty lines under it where I write down big blog projects I want to attack–currently this is my eBook time.

Get more blogging done in less time! You can shave hours off your work week by creating these 3 task sheets for yourself.


How These 3 Task Sheets Will Increase Your Productivity

These sheets help increase focus. They will quickly become task masters–tugging you out of rabbit holes and preventing you from screaming, “Squirrel!”

Personally, when I stick to my 3 task sheets I am finding that I am finishing my Monday through Friday weekly list by as early as Wednesday afternoon and often can either take Thursday and Friday afternoon off to enjoy more family time, use it to spend more time on my “Saturday Project” or spend it on those few things I listed on my monthly list as “would love to get to if I have extra time.”

On our long trip I am planning to use that found time to spend more time enjoying the sites with the family. I also don’t plan on doing a “Saturday project” while we are traveling to free up even more of my time.

If you have any tips for managing time spent blogging better, leave a comment below. This blogger is all ears!

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  1. Thank you for writing this post. I repeatedly do the same basic tasks every day and week. I’ve been creating a daily to do list, but it feels so monotonous, and yet I still forget important things all the time. I really like the idea of creating a daily, weekly, and monthly plan for all the things you regularly do so everything is planned out in advance and nothing falls through the cracks. I’ve been trying to do something similar, but the way you described your process was really helpful for me to visualize what I need to do differently! Yay! Thanks again!

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