3 Snail Paced Goals For This Week: July 29 to August 4


3 snail paced goals for the week

One goal done to the full and two done halfway.

Last Weeks Goals

See my last weeks goal in full here…

1. I did finally gather up all the books that I want to part with, but I didn’t have a chance to see if they will be accepted as part of the Amazon Trade in program. If they are not I am thinking about trying half.com as they are fairly current titles and I really would like to be able to share with my readers how the program works and if it is a viable raise money for you passion by selling what you own and don’t use avenue.

2. WOW! what a week with just my boys we had a blast. On Tuesday we walked to the nearest corner store and got junk food and an action movie. On Wednesday we left for an over night biking trip. One in which we got lost and spent an extra hour on our bikes (I am sharing tips for bike trips with kids based on what I learned Wednesday so come back and view it then). On Thursday we made our way home and then spent the afternoon vegging out. On Friday we took in a matinee showing of Dispicable Me 2 and of course followed my number 9 tip for saving money at the movies and had our treat of ice cream on the way home.

3. I swam once before we left on our over 70 mile bike ride. Since then I have not swam or ran or biked. But I plan on getting going again on Monday.

This Weeks Goals

1. Type out and print up the children’s new school day. I already have a rough draft made up after viewing their new books that arrived this week.

2. If weather agrees, take the the children to 2 water parks that are on their summer bucket list. We are doing 2 in one week because the summer has been so wet this year and  we are running out of time before the water parks close. Thankfully I have free tickets from our summer reading program at the library and a Groupon to cover some of the cost.

3. Take last year’s school books off the shelves and put the new ones out. School is just around the corner and this year I am determined to be ready for it.

3 Pictures From Our Week

me and my boys biking

1. Me and my boys heading out on our first overnight biking adventure. I am excited to say that even after their mom got them lost and therefore added probably close to 10 miles onto their ride, they still came home saying that they want to do another one.

sunset out of town

2. A beautiful sunset enjoyed while riding in the car with my hubby to pick up our boys from a youth event.

my nibble lunch

3. What I like to call my nibble platter, otherwise known as lunch. I am on a cheese, crackers, nitrate free lunch meat and some type of fruit kick for lunch lately. I am curious, what is your favorite lunch?

A Post To Check Out

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Going through our books recently I discovered that I just cannot get rid of all our read alouds. Here is the list of childrens authors that will forever be on my shelf.

3 Things I Tossed This Week

shoes tossed

Inspired by The Clutter Busting Challenge each week I am tossing, selling or giving away 3 items and posting them here so you can hold me accountable. This week I tossed 3 pairs of outgrown shoes.

What did you get up to this week? Did you set and achieve a goal? Oh, and what is your favorite lunch?

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  1. I am planning a clothing exchange with some of my friends. I plan to purge! We just moved and I found a skirt I didn’t know I owned. Do you think I really need it?!!

  2. I always love reading your weekly recap posts, and I am so inspired that you continue to toss out three things every week! Go, you! The bike ride sounds like a blast. And what a beautiful sunset pic!

    My favorite lunch lately has been veggies with hummus and/or smoothies. Light, refreshing meals are perfect for the summertime!

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