3 Snail Paced Goals For This Week: April 1 to April 7


3 snail-paced goals for the week

How I did last week

1. I got 14 hours of my goal of 20 hours of blog work done before the weekend:

It was spring break for the public school kids in our area, so we ended up having friends over one day which meant shifting a few hours of blog work to the weekend.

easter cupcakes

I could have made up some of that lost time on Friday but I decided to make a 10 year old happy and spent the afternoon baking sugar cookies in the shapes of bunnies  with her. We also made my mom’s wacky cake recipe (vegan friendly)  into 12 giant cupcakes complete with bird nests on top.

2.  I did not get rid of the pile of clutter on my dresser but I did get our socks under control

new socksYou are looking at 48 pairs of new socks. Gold Toe is my favorite brand of socks and Big Lots often gets them in and sells them for a great price. Why 48 pairs?

sock bin

All 5 of us currently wear the same size of socks. So I decided it was time to stop the odd sock madness and simply have everyone wear the same style of socks and store them in a central sock bucket. No more odds, no more whose socks are these, questions.


I guess I could have made room for clearing my dresser on Sunday but I started  “You Are A Writer” by Jeff Goins, and just could not put it down (if you like to write  but struggle with thinking you have what it takes I highly recommend this ebook).

I justified my lack of follow through with the dresser project by thinking I swapped it out for the sock project and went on to read the entire ebook and a bit of another one.

3. Sew Something: I made burp clothes

burp cloths

I got my new sewing machine out and tried out a pin for burp cloths off my Baby Gift Ideas Pinterest board. The first two had wonky corners but the third one actually looks giftable (yes I made the word up). I am looking forward to sewing some more;which brings me to this weeks goals.

3 Snail Paced Goals For This Week

1. Sew 3 more burp cloths

2. Get registered for Races I want to do this year (running, biking and triathlon)

3. Get one organization project done: I am discovering I do better if I set the goal of 1 declutter/organize project a week instead of picking a specific project since honestly I hate decluttering and organizing. However if I give my creative self leeway to at least pick the project I am most in the mood for I have better luck at getting a clutter hotspot gone each week.

Did you set any goals for the week? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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