3 Snail Paced Goals For The Week: July 15 to 21


3 snail-paced goals for the weekOne completed, one worked one and one totally forgotten about

Last weeks goals

You can view my last weeks goals here….

1.  In process but work was done: I got a lot done on my son’s school calendar for the 2013/2014 school year. I highlighted when he has tests that he needs to make sure get marked and recorded in our marking book so we can make him a transcript for his high school years with relative ease (well who am I kidding I am going to be pulling my hair out and stressing when it comes time for him to graduate; it all boils down to mommy worry: did I do enough? )

2. Forgot about it: I thought about making a grocery shopping check list right up until the moment I went grocery shopping and then I forgot about it until I looked at what I was suppose to get done this week. Good thing is I did write a menu, made a grocery list, checked the sales flyer and printed out coupons before I left the house this time. So progress was made in bringing down the grocery spending even without the check list.

3. Done: I did get a few items on Craigslist and sold  a dehumidifier and our tent trailer (or pop up depending where you are from). So thankful the tent trailer is gone as we have upgraded to a 2007 25 foot Nomad travel trailer that suits our families current camping needs better (remember I admitted before my husband and I are not tent campers)

This Weeks Goals

1. Continue to work on my son’s 2013/2014 school calendar: Hoping to pretty much finish this by the end of the week.

2. Order the new curriculum we need for the upcoming school year.

3. Go through my recently read books and see if any them qualify for Amazon’s trade in program.

3 Pictures From Our Week

bugs on forehead

Those are not huge blackheads, those are not specks of dirt those are……bugs….that I killed with my own sweat while out on a bike ride this week. YUCK

boys unloading trailer

Proof that the simplest way to sell your stuff is to post it to your personal Facebook page. My friend posted this trailer full of mulch for 50% off on Facebook and I quickly snatched it up knowing my husband had a day full of yard projects planned for himself and the children to do over the weekend that included making a new flower bed.

flower bedHere is a picture of  part of the flower bed they made with some of that mulch. This picture represents many aspects of frugal renovating. The plants were either planted by a previous owner or purchased on clearance. The mulch was bought at 50% off from a friend on Facebook. The black lawn edging I bought at a yard sale. The bricks my husband received for free just by asking a demolition crew at a brick building work site “if he could have a few”. He had no idea that they would tell him he could have all he wanted if he was willing to stack and cart it away himself. He got an entire truck full and left plenty more for other frugal renovators.  Once again proving “You rarely need to pay full price”.

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3 Things I got rid of this week

3 things gone

Inspired by “The Clutter Busting Challenge” I am listing 3 things each week that I tossed, gave away or sold. This week I sold our tent trailer and our no longer need dehumidifier on Craigslist.  For my third and final item of the week, I tossed a pair of my son’s too small swim trunks into the give pile.

Did you make any goals for the week?

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