3 Snail Paced Goals For The Week: July 1 to 7


3 snail-paced goals for the weekWhew! That was one busy, busy week, however I still got work done on all my goals.

Last Weeks Goals

(you can check out last weeks goals in detail: here)

1. Complete: I survived birthday week, and so did the house! 3 birthdays in 6 days and I don’t feel like I need a vacation but I am looking forward to normal day to day returning (well as normal as summer days get).

2. Complete: I did get the letter and card out.

3. Sort of Complete: I got within 2 loads of having all the laundry done once this week, and then I had a day or two that I wasn’t home much and now as I sit and type this I have once again numerous loads to deal with.

This Weeks Goals

1. Work on getting my son’s school calendar organized for the year: We use My Father’s World with our oldest son who is going into grade 11 this year. I like having the entire year mapped out for him in great detail before hand along with printed out sheets that list graded assignments that my husband and I can fill in as we go and then tally up to create an over all grade from at the end of the year. It takes a bit of time to get it all organized but it makes for a smooth school year.

2. Create a check list for grocery shopping day: I have been reading Money Saving Mom’s 52 Different Ways to Save $100 this year and recently she talked about using a coupon data base to find coupons. It reminded me how off track I have gotten with coupons as of late as well as following store sales and keeping up my price book. I was thinking the easiest way to get back on track would be to make up a check list of things I need to do at home that set me up to save the most at the stores.

3. Drop off boxes to donate to local thrift store: I have 4 boxes of things to donate that are taking up space here and there in the house this week I am determined to get them out of my home and to the thrift store.

3 photo’s from this week

meijer community sale1. Summer is when I buy most of our household items, as well as clothes and decor items. Mostly because summer is when I can stretch our hard earned dollar further by shopping community rummages.  This week I found 200 feet of brand new lawn edging that saved us at least 30% or more over buying it in store. My hubby already had plans to buy some next week for a project and was thrilled I was able to save us some cash.

For me I scored 2 pairs of Gap jean capris, one new with tags the other pair barely worn. The original price tag on the new pair read $36.99 I walked away paying just $6 total for both pairs.

I also picked up some glass rocks to place in canning jars in my kitchen window: $1. An alarm clock for my daughter’s room: .50 cents.  A small stainless steel pot perfect for making sauces in: $3. Lego for my son: $1.

folders2. My 12 year old (well as of Friday 13 yr old) son showed me how to make folders on my iPod this week. I am probably the last person on earth to figure out how to do this but I was thrilled. I got so involved in the process that I burnt our dinner while making folders. The kids are still laughing about that one.

ice cream sandwich cake3. This is the last of the birthday week cakes. It is an ice-cream sandwich cake. It is a bit more processed than I like my baking but my middle child loves it so every year I make it for him for his birthday.

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3 Things I Tossed This Week.shirts tossedInspired by “The Clutter Busting Challenge” I decided to toss, sell, or give away three things out of my home every week and post them as part of my weekly goal post. This week I placed 2 t-shirts and a pair of swim shorts in the give pile.

How did you do with your goals this week?

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  1. Way to keep getting rid of things! How often do you weed out your give pile?

    • Victoria says:

      I usually go once I have a full box as the thrift store I take it too is on the way to other places I go, however this time it has piled up to 3 boxes and a big bag full so I really need to go!

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