3 Snail Paced Goals For The Week: August 19 to 25


3 snail paced goals for the week

This week I bombed out on all three goals. Nothing besides school, workouts, laundry, basic cleaning and a bit of blogging got done this past week. Mostly because we started our new school year and our schedule is a lot different from last years.

Last Weeks Goals

As I said not a single one done but you can view them  if you want to see what they were.

This Weeks Goals

I am going with “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again ” and setting the same goals over again.

1. Mail out the photo album

2. Work on the gift basket.

3. Finish up the ends of the dish cloths I have knitted.

3 Pictures From Our Week

homeschooled lunch

On our first day back to school I felt like we were all in need of a reminder of the benefits of homeschooling. So I took the children out for lunch at Wendy’s and then posted the pictures to my Instagram account as a visual reminder that homeschooling in so much more than math and grammar (two subjects my children dislike).

Which got me to thinking. My children and I probably are not the only ones who need a reminder that homeschooling is fun. So I switched my Instagram account  from private to public and I want you to join me in reminding my family and others who need it about the fun and flexible side of homeschooling. Use the hashtag #whenyouarehomeschooled in your pictures. It can be something as simple as going out to eat to as elaborate as a picture of your family vacationing abroad during the traditional school year.

quotefrombookIamreadingI have been gleaning information from Desperate Households a book I got for free thanks to the Tyndale Rewards program. The above is one of many quotes found in the book that gave me food for thought (pardon the pun).

cordIfounddeclutteringOne thing the author says in Desperate Households that I 100% agree with is that after you add children into your home you have to give up waiting for the large windows of time for projects and learn to get most things done in little windows found in your day. In one little window I had this week I finally managed to tame a growing pile of clutter in our small office area. In that pile I found the lost for months cord to my favorite mp3 player. I am so happy to find it as I have an album I want to download onto it and without this cord I was sunk.

A Post To Check Out

how to organize and afford and effective planning retreatInspired by my own affordable and effective planning retreat I decided to share tips I learned to help others plan one for themselves.

3 Things I tossed This Week

cups tossedInspired by The Clutter Busting Challenge I am giving, selling or tossing 3 things each week and posting it here to keep me accountable. This week I took the advice I gave myself when I cleaned out the closet this January   and instead of just taking out 3 cups at a time from the over stuffed glass and mug cupboard for several weeks in a row I kept what fit with space and gave away 16 at once.

One Question

If you have children, do they attend public or private school or are they homeschooled?

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  1. I know the first few weeks of restarting homeschooling are hard. We are slowly working back into a homeschool schedule this week and next week. As we usually start the first week of September. I hope you are able to get a few goals accomplished this week.

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