3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Invest Money In Your Blog

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3 questions to ask yourself before you invest money in your blog

I started of my sophomore year of blogging university with a purchasing frenzy. I bought a new laptop that is exclusively mine (my old one I shared with a child who used it during school hours), a DSL camera, a ticket to a 3 day blogging conference, and purchased the Genesis platform. I also hired a blogging friend to spend several hours with me showing me how to install Genesis as well as answering a lot of other newbie blogging questions I had (sort of a blogging tutor session).

I agonized over every purchase I mentioned above; after all my blog was not making more than a few dollars a month as I entered my sophomore year, so it seemed crazy to me to be dumping way more money into it than is was producing.

Twelve months later looking back I don’t regret a single purchase. All of them have grown not just my blog but my self-confidence in my abilities substantially in the last 12 months and although my profits have not yet equaled my investments I am getting closer to it at a much faster rate than I was a year ago.

However before I even invested a penny, I had asked myself three questions….

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Invest In Your Blog

 1.What your blogging goals?

Do you want a better Pinterest presence? Then you probably need a to invest in a new camera, or a photography course or both. Do you want to begin working with other bloggers on group projects? Then you might consider attending  a conference that lets you meet face to face with those bloggers. Do you want a more professional looking blog? You might need to hire a designer, or take a course in HTML or hire a blog consultant to help you figure out what you need to change.

2. Where are you going to find the money to invest?

I was blessed with an inheritance by a very generous grandmother who always told me “Victoria, spend something on yourself” and so I did however, I know that such a windfall is not going to happen to most people so  here are few ways that might help you to invest in your blog without eating into your family budget.

  1. Do a serious decluttering of all areas of your home and sell off everything that you no longer use or want. Visit my 10 ways to make cash while  tossing clutter post for tips on all the avenues available to sell your items.
  2. Start earning gift cards on line and use the money you save with them to invest in your blog.In just a few minutes a day you can earn  a small sum of gift cards through Bing and Swagbucks. Cash your points in for stores where you normally shop for groceries, or clothes, or gas and then pocket your savings for blog investment. For pointers on how to make the most of your  Bing  and Swagbucks accounts visit my post where I show how you can make as much as $75 a month using these programs. 
  3. Do a different gig for a while.Are you super talented in another area? Perhaps you can sell crafts and use your profits to invest in your blog. Got a green thumb?Could you use it for season to grow and sell seedling plants, or a portion of your gardens bounty? Spend some time brainstorming and I am sure you could come up with some talent that you could earn a bit of profit from and then invest it in your blog.

3. What if the investment does not pay off?

We are a one income family and for me to spend so much on my blog seemed selfish; I was struggling hard with doubts if my blog was really worth investment when a good friend of my said “ you are never going to know how far you can take this thing if you don’t invest in it, and even if the blog doesn’t work out you are gaining valuable tools that you can use on your next venture”. She was right, you are never going to know if your investment will pay off until your invest and even what we might deem as failure is a return on investment.

I suggest you sit down and list all the things you could learn from investing in your blog. Here are a few, photo editing skills, knowledge of basic HTML, knowledge of how to approach companies in a professional manner, networking abilities, and much more. All these things will make you more marketable in the job market, so even if you blog fails you are gaining job experience that can be applied to your next venture therefore you investment never truly lost.

Looking for blogging tips? Follow my Blogging Tips Board on Pinterest.

One investment  I recommend for all bloggers is spending $4.99 on How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul. Trust me it won’t take you long at all to get your investment back my earnings doubled within 30 days of reading this ebook, thanks to the incredible wisdom the author shares within its pages.

Blogging University Sophomore year (small)

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  1. I really appreciate your post. These are all things that I have been agonizing and worrying over recently. Sometimes the scariest thing is to take the leap of faith in yourself and trust that you can make it happen. Good luck and thanks for sharing!

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