3 Goals For This Week: March 17 to 23


3 snail paced goals for the week(post contains affiliate links see disclosure)

Last weeks goals

Really these are goals from 2 weeks ago that you can view here, since I took a week off for my birthday.

1.  I did manage to get all my blogging for the week done before my husband and I left for a full weekend away just the two of us. This goal took so much time that I did not manage to complete my other two goals but it was worth it 2 days completely off blogging really refreshed me.

2. I didn’t take another stab at creating a gift for my daughter’s friends.

3. I didn’t clean out the humidifier but the outdoor air has finally warmed up enough that I don’t need it..but I still do need to clean it and put it away till next winter.

3 goals for this week

1. Mail out a letter that has been sitting around our home a few days too long.

2. Work on reorganizing my small and getting smaller collection of coupons. The less processed we eat, and the more homemade cleaners we make the less I am using coupons.

3. Chart my calories and track my steps. (I took a week off from this )

3 pictures from our week

All week long I share photos on Instagram so be sure to follow me there.

my feet in sandalsWords cannot describe how good it felt to free my feet from socks and shoes and let them enjoy sunshine one day this week. The winter here in Indiana has been long and brutally cold.

me and my kids runningThis happened Friday and it was a proud mommy moment. Those are all the feet that once kicked my ribs from within my womb, and Friday for the first time all of them ran the local running trail with me. We have special family plans in the works that involve these feet,  I can’t wait to share them with you really soon.

the melting potMy closest friends and I went to the Melting Pot to celebrate my 4oth. I think it was the most expensive dinner my husband and I have ever had, but you only turn 40 once. The experience was amazing. It took over 4 hours from start to finish to work our way through the 4 course meal. Amazing food, amazing friends, amazing conversations all equaled up to an amazing night I won’t forget.

A post to check out

oatmeal breakfast bars (small)These Oatmeal Breakfast Bars are my husband’s favorite grab and go breakfast. They freeze well too.

A book a week for 2014

I made it my goal to read 1 book a week this year.

I finished: Further Still, Tidewater Inn and How To Make Money Blogging (I did a lot of reading during my b-day week)

I am currently reading

1. In real paperback form

Beyond Ordinary (psst…. got this book free from Tyndale Rewards)

2. On My  Kindle Paperwhite

Enough:Finding More By Living With Less

3. On my Kindle App

It Takes An Egg Timer: A Guide To Creating Time For Your Life

3 things I tossed this week

Inspired by The Clutter Busting Challenge I decided to toss, sell or give away three things each week and post a picture of it here for accountability.

tossedOne pair of  shoes went in the give pile, and 2 shirts with stains went in the rag pile.

Need some goal setting inspiration and know how? Follow the Goal Setting & Time Management Tips Board on Pinterest.

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Disciplined Life (150)

Want to become better at setting realistic goals and breaking them down into manageable pieces? I recommend Crystal Paine’s ebook 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life.




  1. How awesome that you had a whole weekend away with your husband!

    I am curious what you are going to do with the whole feet idea. I am feeling some of those feet kick inside of me. So much fun!

    I have already started tackling my goals for this week. I am trying to get them done before the last minute!

  2. on our list this week is also dieting which I need to mind better
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