3 Goals For This Week: Mar 24 to Mar 30


(post contains affiliate links see disclosure)3 snail paced goals for the weekLast weeks goals

View last weeks goals here….

1. I didn’t mail out that letter

2. I didn’t reorganize my coupon collection.

3.  I charted my calories and steps about half the week.

This weeks goals

I have to admit I am getting kind of discouraged with my weekly  goal setting. I set out to do three small goals each week beyond blogging, homeschooling, my daily routine of devotions, working out and cleaning house and all those other things that make up daily life and yet…….lately I haven’t been making much progress. So this weeks goals are more time management oriented in hopes that if my manage my time better, I will find time to complete a few simple tasks each week.

1. Set alarm for 5:45 each morning and be ready to start my day by 6.

2. Be in bed by 9 and lights out by 10 at latest. (It takes me forever to fall asleep so I have a long unwinding routine)

3.  Pick one low energy task to work on each night after dinner, instead of giving in to how tired I feel and just reading or surfing the web. (you would think with how tired I am all evening that I would fall asleep quick but no)

3 pictures from our week

All week long I share photos on Instagram so be sure to follow me there.

truck break in gadgetMy favorite knitting needles come in handy for more than just knitting. Earlier this week they helped a friend break into his truck after my daughter managed to lock him out of it with the engine running.

children's museum glass towerI got to meet some of the ladies of Indy Social Media Moms for a meeting at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Afterwards I enjoyed wandering around the incredible multi-floor museum. My favorite exhibit is by far the Fireworks of Glass exhibit. This picture is taken from the rotating observation chair under the 43 foot tower, where you can look through a glass ceiling at all the unique pieces of hand blown glass placed around the base of the sculpture.

bare feet in springSo last week it was a picture of my bare feet in Birks, this week it is completely bare feet enjoying some rays. I can’t stress enough how hard this winter has been for me.  I am so loving the signs of spring that keep popping up more and more each day.

A post to check out

20 ways thrifty people save money on clothing (small)Here are my top 20 ways to save money on clothing.

A book a week for 2014

I made it my goal to read 1 book a week this year.

I finished:Enough:Finding More By Living With Less, It Takes An Egg Timer: A Guide To Creating Time For Your Life

I am currently reading

1. In real paperback form

Beyond Ordinary (psst…. got this book free from Tyndale Rewards)

2. On My  Kindle Paperwhite

A Promise To Remember

3. On my Kindle App

Inspiration To Pay Off Debt ( I started this book a while ago and really did find it to be inspiring and then it got put on the back burner but after getting to know the author Cherie Lowe of The Queen Of Free  through Facebook I want to finish it, she is an amazing lady of great faith)

3 Things I tossed this week.

Inspired by The Clutter Busting Challenge I decided to toss, sell or give away three things each week and post a picture of it here for accountability.

Sorry no picture this week, but I did toss an old pair of shoes my son had thrashed and out grown. I also put a pair of out grown soccer shoes in the give pile, and tossed a stack of magazines into the recycling bin.

Need some goal setting inspiration and know how? Follow the Goal Setting & Time Management Tips Board on Pinterest.

Disciplined Life (150)Want to become better at setting realistic goals and breaking them down into manageable pieces? I recommend Crystal Paine’s ebook 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life.



  1. Thank you for posting this! Those are great ideas, and your goal of mailing that letter just reminded me to put a few things in the mail!

  2. I hope that you have a better week with your goals.

    Barefoot and outside! Jealous. Might have to go for it this week just so that I can say that I did!

  3. I hope you make better progress this week on your goals. My son was so happy we had warm enough weather for him to play outside with his squirt gun. He had been asking for a couple of weeks. I’m glad winter is over, at least in our area.

  4. I really enjoy reading your goals each week! I love how you have goals for so many areas of your life – going to bed early, nutrition, and clutter-busting! I recently began a series on taking better care of ourselves and sharing goals – and I just started making it into a link-up. I would LOVE it if you would consider linking up your goals as well. :) I’m still so new to this – but I’d like to spread the word that making goals and taking care of ourselves (like going to bed earlier) really does help us take better care of those that we love. :)

  5. :) Thank you for the kind words, friends.

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