Why I No Long Hate Waiting In Line


why I no longer hate waiting in line

I use to hate waiting in lines. I have so much to do in a day, I don’t have time for lines. I am an introvert so I don’t strike up conversations to pass the time unless I feel really convicted that I should.

I would try my best to avoid them. Leave early for the bank. Grocery shop while others are mostly at work or at school. Avoid the post office right when it opens and at lunch hour and right before it closes, but still I had lines to wait in now and again.

Then I started my challenge to read 24 books this year which grew into a challenge to read 75. While brainstorming how I could fit just a few more minutes of reading into my day, it hit me, I could start reading in lines.

I am not talking about dragging a paperback book or the family iPad everywhere I go with hopes of fitting in a few moments of reading. That would be awkward and heavy. Instead what I do is keep my kindle app.  on my  iPod (because I don’t own a smartphone) filled with a few free titles scored from eReader Girl.

I will admit sometimes I start a free ebook pick and go “oh my I can see why this was free” and then I stop reading it. However, more often than not I find that I really enjoy the free titles. Currently I am reading “Becoming A Frugalista ” and  I am discovering a lot of website resources for saving money that I have not heard of before.

I have also enjoyed titles such as “10 Ways to Be A Better Learner” and  “If You Can’t Fail It Doesn’t Count” . These titles were read entirely off my iPod while waiting in lines, or for my exercise class to begin, or for a friend to show up to begin a run.

Now instead of dreading lines, I embrace them with a smile and whip out my iPod and start reading. Sometimes, I am even sorry to see the line dissipate so quickly as I find myself wanting to read just a page or two more.

What do you do while waiting in line?

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