How To Grocery Shop Faster

 How to grocery shop faster

I view grocery shopping as a necessary evil. For fun I like to see sometimes just how fast I can grocery shop and still do the things necessary to keep us on budget (like shop at 4 stores in one outing). My current record 4 stores with a driveway to driveway time of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

My 10 tips for how to grocery shop faster

It Starts with at home preparation

1.Make a menu

A menu does not have to be complicated. A simple piece of paper with lunch and dinner written on it and the numbers 1 through 7 under each and something to eat beside each number is fine.Personally I don’t add breakfast or snacks as we eat the same things over and over so I just know to add those items to my grocery list.

2.Make a list

Now that you know what you are eating make a list of ingredients you are going to need. Then check your cupboards for other day to day stuff your are running low on. Don’t forget the bathroom cupboards too,and the laundry room,cleaning cabinet, and dog supply area.

3.Check flyers on line

I sometimes skip this step and when I do it always takes longer to shop (since I am scanning each aisle for sales) and costs more money. Note what items are on sale that your family uses regularly and put them on the list.

4.Clip and organize coupons

I spend a few minutes checking the coupon listing on Swagbucks ( earn points and savings) and printing out those for products we use each week.

I also try to print out coupons listed on Money Saving Mom that I know we will use as Crystal posts them (internet coupons disappear fast so grab them as you see them).

I put those I know I am going to use this week in the envelope with my grocery money. I place the rest in my small coupon organizer.

Prep yourself for the event

5.Comfortable shoes

Think of grocery shopping as a race, you want shoes you can race in.

6.Snack in your purse

It is important to stay well fueled until the end of your grocery shopping marathon. Make sure you have a snack just in case you energy starts to wain part way through and thus decreases your focus and speed.

7.Full belly

If you are full you are less likely to stick food that is not on your list in the cart and more likely to stay focused and get the job done.

 Bring the right tools

8.Your list

Without a list you are likely to forget purchases you did need, meaning you are going to have to go to the store again. That is a huge time waster.

9. Your calculator

Sales tactics can be tricky sometimes and to figure out quickly if the 3 for ….. is really a better deal than the large bag priced at $$$ you need a calculator.

10.Your wrist watch

I have experimented with this and found that I cut my grocery shopping time by as much as 1/3 when I wear a watch and am mindful to look at it as I go. It helps me stay on track.

Bonus Tips

Shop Early

I have shopped all times of the day and found I can get it done quickest when I go early. The last store on my list does not open until 9 a.m. so I plan to hit my first store at  8 a.m. so  that I hit the last one just as it opens.

Shop alone

I know this is not always possible but shopping without children or a spouse for that matter is the quickest.

 I want to know! Do you love or hate grocery shopping? Got any other ways to grocery shop faster? 

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  1. Have you checked out Fabulessly Frugal? They have a “clipless” method of organizing your coupons that is awesome. Check it out!

    Peace –


  2. Great tips! I used to use coupons but have got out of the habit. I really need to start using them again!

    I try and shop alone. As you said, I can go faster that way. My kids are grown but my 89 year old mom lives with me. Whenever I take her with me it adds two hours to my shopping time. At least.

    It’s not her fault. She is just slow and likes to look at every single item practically, lol! Then she puts them all back! ;)

    So I take her with me to other places that I’m not in such a hurry for. I find having a list is invaluable. I also mark on my list how much I need to buy of an item. That way I don’t come home with too little or too much!

  3. Thanks for these tips! I loved them all but there were a few that simply made me smile. :)

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