Time Management Tip 17: Mechanical Slaves

Mechanical slaves are household appliances and  electronics that help your get your work done faster.

Below is a list of my favorites, and how I use them.

1. Freezer:  By spending just a few minutes more preparing a quadruple batch of spaghetti sauce, and freezing the left overs I save time in the kitchen later in the month. I also like to stream line the process of casseroles by freezing my meat cooked and chopped.

2. Crockpot: Throw a meal in before the day gets chaotic. Make it a double batch and freeze the leftovers.

3. Bread Machines(we have 2) My family loves homemade bread, I however have problems planning my day to make room for making bread the old fashioned way, so I leave that up to my yard sale found bread machines to make the dough.

4.Timers: My home has several timers, we use them for everything. Timing school (keeps kids on task) Timing screen time.  Timing chores. Timing Pinterest. You name it we time it.

5. I-touch: I love my i-touch for its time saving apps., including, its timer, note pad, and calendar. I also have apps. on there for things I use to have to log onto the computer for but can now see at a touch, such as e-mail, calorie log, and weather forecasts.

This week take some time to take inventory of your mechanical slaves and how you could use them to their full potential to save your time.


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  1. I love my slow cooker. I have two. I have been debating about a bread machine. Not alot of counter space but we love homemade bread. I’ll have to reevelate my list.

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