Spring Cleaning: The Upstairs Bathroom

Each weekend till the end of The Spring Cleaning Challenge I am picking one area of our home to declutter and clean. Last week I picked the attic. This week I decided on the upstairs bathroom.

The worst part of the bathroom was the storage cabinet. When we moved into this home almost 3 years ago, I basically just dumped whatever into the cabinet thinking I would get back and organize it later. Well two other homes had to be renovated, children had to be homeschooled, events had to be attended, and the cupboard got forgotten.

The first thing I did was go up to the attic and gather all the small and medium empty containers I could find to help group like items together within the large cabinet. I then emptied out the cabinet and gave it a good scrub down.

After the cabinet was cleaned, I started to put like items together within the containers I gathered. Here is my free razor supply. I am thinking even if they are free after coupons I need to start giving them away to friends and not storing them, enough is enough!

My husband has been asking me if I knew the whereabouts  of these tools for years. I think he finally just went out and bought new ones. Apparently I should have thought to look for tools in the bathroom storage cabinet, because that is a totally logical place to leave tools. Other weird things found in the cabinet include painters tape and a light switch plate. After I had sorted  the contents of the upstairs bathroom I ran downstairs to grab all the stuff that had been taken out of the cupboards and left all over the floor when my husband ripped out the cupboards to start renovating it this week.

I am very happy with the results of this cabinet, I even managed to squeeze the kids soccer shin guards and socks on the bottom shelf to store till soccer season starts again. This might not be the most logical place for them, but its better  than in the middle of the living room which is where they had been up till now. Next up was the reading shelf. Everyone knows the best place to get a bit or reading done is in the bathroom. When my husband and I renovated this room, we added in a book case designated for just such a purpose. As you can see though, the kids had other ideas, and decided to add Lego building to their bathroom activities (see the half built plane).

My biggest pet peeve of the reading area is it is always where the toilet paper lands. Rather than fight the problem I decided to just find a solution that would at least give it a more defined area on the reading shelf to land. In my attic I found this container from my sons zoob toys and it looks great and works great.

The Lego did not make the decluttering cut, and neither did a few books. I did make use of the bottom shelf to store my hair dryer. I am satisfied with the toilet papers new landing place hopefully the rest of the family will work with me at keeping it here.

I forgot to take before pictures of our every day needs shelving unit I keep out on the counter. Here is what it looks like after I got rid off all the no longer used items and gave the current used items new homes in baskets, bowls and cups. I also gave the whole unit a good wipe down.

I gave the rest of the counter top a good cleaning, including the mirror and sink. The reflection you see in the mirror is my drying rack, it gets used daily and fits in the corner of this room nicely.

I got down on my hands and knees and cleaned the floor with a spray bottle full of homemade floor cleaner and paper towels. I find the paper towels pick up the hair and dust better than rags.

Finally it was time for the finishing touches. I found this scripture plaque in a cupboard downstairs and placed it on the bathroom counter. I love having scripture displayed in every room of my home to help me focus on how I should treat others and live my life.

The room is done I think I deserve a bubble bath now (oh and I scrubbed the tub down too).

How about you? Have you been doing any spring cleaning lately?

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  1. Just found your blog this week. Love, love, love it!


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