Goals for the Month: March 2012

I am enjoying writing out my fitness goals, each week. It is really helping me sit down once a week and do an overview of just what is on my plate that week, and where I have time to  workout, and is adding balance to the duration and intensity of my workouts as well as to the type of workouts I do each day.

As for other areas of my life, a week to week goal approach just does not seem practical. There are just too many variables thrown into a 7 day period to make it feasible for me to set  completion goals for most things within such a time frame.

So I have decided to approach them taking a month by month approach. I plan to share each months goals in various areas of my life, on  the first Monday of each month on my blog to force myself to sit down and make a plan to chip away at some of my long term goals.

10 Goals For March

 Income  Earning Goals

1. Write and submit one guest post to a fellow blogger.

2. Sign the blog up for at least one more affiliate program.

3. Make one dozen American Girl Doll Dresses (some to sell some for gifts)

4. Finish listing our books on Half.com

5. Finish up gathering things for the spring consignment sale, sign up, and start pricing items.

Personal Goals

6. Read 4 books.

Housekeeping Goals

7. Participate in Project Simplify all month long.

8. Purchase and frame pictures of daughter’s Disney make over.

Relationship Goals

9. Take one child along grocery shopping every other week, and let them pick out a treat to share, and have something special during the trip.

10. Invite friends over for dinner one night that Jack is home. (we fallen out of habit of doing this)

How about you? Are you a goal setter?

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