Our Families Chore Pay System

Last week I shared how I assign chores to our children. This week I would like to introduce you to our money jars.

They are 3 sugar pots bought at Walmart. I then took a sharpie and wrote each child’s name on the outside.

What you see inside those jars, are what we call pay slips. Each day on the side of the clipboard I use to assign jobs I also assign a payment they will receive when the jobs are done.

How much they receive depends on how many chores they did that day and how long and hard those jobs were.

The pay slips vary in size from twenty five cents up to five dollars, so that they can add up the slips to equal the amount of pay they received that day.

I replace the pay slips with real money as the children need it. Each child is encouraged to set a savings goal. For instance right now my boys are saving up for a Playstation 3.

While they are saving, they count their pay slip till they have what they need, and then bring them to me to cash them in.

I also have a 4th jar stored close to their money jars where I throw my quarters and some money I earn selling off our clutter, that they can use for immediate purchases. For instance, my oldest is in youth group so he likes to bring money each week for the snack store.

It is not a polished system, but it suits us just fine. As the children age, it has evolved with them, and it will continue snail pacing forward till they all leave my nest.

How about your family? Do you have a chore payment system you love?

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  1. I love it! My two are still young (4 1/2 and almost 3) to really get the concept of even real money, but I’m tucking this fun ‘pay slip’ idea away for a day that will come all too soon when they do get it :)


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