12 Ways To Repurpose A Sweater Into A Christmas Gift

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So ever since I wrote my post about how to have Christmas on a zero budget , I have been thinking about all the common household items we own that could be made into Christmas gifts with little to no cost, except  time and talent.

12 ways to repurpose a sweater into a Christmas gift

My mind immediately went to sweaters. I don’t know about you but after a year or two of wearing a sweater I find about 80% of them are either stretched out, have a snag in them here and there that I can’t seem to hide, or they have shrunk due to my wonderful (er..not) laundry skills.

One evening while feeling uninspired to write I thought I would seize to opportunity to spend a few “working hours” on Pinterest. Yes, that is one perk of blogging sometimes spending time cruising Pinterest can in fact be labeled work.

I wanted to see if my theory was right could peoples old sweaters be made into gifts. Yes they can! In fact I found a enough ideas  to start a pinterest board devoted to repurposing sweaters.

12 Ways To Repurpose A Sweater Into A Christmas Gift

1. Fingerless Mittens for the friend who just can’t be parted from her smart phone touch screen.

2.  Coffee Cozy (or sleeve) whatever you want to call it, it would make a great gift for the coffee lover in your life.

3.  Braided scarf for your fashion loving loved one .

4.  This Scarflette is another great option as a Christmas gift for a fashion lover.

5. Boot socks for the friend who is never seen in anything but boots and legging all winter.

6. These hats would make adorable gifts for infants and toddlers.

7.  Another great gift for little ones are these leggings.

8.  A pair of slippers is always a classic gift.

9. A trendy friend might like these slipper boots  instead.

10. If you have a huge stack of sweaters on your hands and some time and talent you could try tackling this sweater blanket as a gift.

11. For a small project these sweater ornaments are supers sweet.

12.  You could go with the classic gift of a pair of warm mittens.

For more thrifty Christmas ideas check out my Thrifty Christmas Tips resource page.

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  1. Some great ideas – thank you for sharing! Love the hats for children!

  2. I recently attended the Pittsburgh Handmade Arcade and there were quite a few things made out of recycled sweaters. There were all so pretty! I never would have thought to re-use them. Those were artists exhibiting. I never would have thought these were things I could make, too. Thanks for this post!


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