10 Ways To Save A Dollar A Week

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A dollar might not seem like much all on its own but when you start stacking one on top of the other, they can have a huge impact on your budget and your savings.

10 ways to save a dollar this weekFor instance, lets say you find 10 ways to save $1 each  week, that is $10 a week saved. Ten dollars might not seem like much, but if you save $10 each week for a month you will have $40 and that is enough to start impacting your finances. Keep saving $1 ten times a week and in a year you will have $520 to pay off debt, take the family on a few memory building day trips, or invest for your future.

Finding a few ways to save just $1 on your every day purchases or expenses ten times isn’t hard. To get your brain storming going I am going to help you by list 10 ways our family often saves a $1 each week.

10 Ways To Save A Dollar This Week

1. Use a coupon app to get cash back on your groceries

Grocery apps are getting easier and easier to use and some are no longer store dependent meaning you can use them to get cash back on your grocery items no matter where you get your groceries.

  • ibotta: store dependent but offers cash backs for more than groceries, including movies, clothing and more.
  • Snap: not store dependent and offers cash backs for bread, milk, eggs as well as national brands.
  • Checkout51: not store dependent and offers cash backs for bread, milk eggs as well as national brands.
  • Saving Star: store dependent and savings can be done by linking it to your store card or submitting receipt.
  • Berrycart: store dependent. Excellent app for gluten free, organic and non GMO food savings.

2. Order water when eating out

Sure not eating out all together would save you a lot more money than just getting water instead of pop, but we are looking for small tweaks to your spending habits with this article. Some of us (myself included) are not ready to give up our eating out entirely to save money.

Best part about this tip, this is a per person savings so the more of you in the family that do this the more you save.

3. Remove one item from your grocery cart

I learned this tip from Queen of Free in her book Slaying The Debt Dragon. Even when you have stuck to a grocery list chances are you can find at least one item you put on your list and in your cart that you can really live without; remove that item before heading up to the checkout .

4. Combine your errands and lump them with appointments

To save gas, I grocery shop  and do other errands only on days I have to leave my house anyways. For instance if I know I have to take my daughter to gymnastics I might swing by the post office and mail bills (the few that can’t be paid online) on the way there and then swing by the grocery store on our way home.

I figure this saves me at least a half a gallon of gas a week which is more than $1 .

5. Sign up for free Redbox codes or go to the library for movies

You might not host an at home movie night each and every week, but you can substitute your own way to save a buck on those weeks you don’t. On the weeks you do make those $1 Redbox rentals cost zero by using a free code that you can get by signing up for their emails, and texts as well as joining their Redbox Playbook Pass. The site Money Saving Mom also lists free redbox codes frequently.

Another great free movie source our family loves is our local library that lets us take out up to 7 DVDs at once for a full week. Which brings me to my next point…

6. Set a reminder on your cell phone for library due dates

When you have a family that loves the library like ours does overdue fines can add up in a hurry. By taking just a few seconds to add the date into my cell phone for a reminder to appear when the books are due I save the cost of library fines.

7. Switch from name brand to store brand on one to two products

Whenever I see a new store brand product on the market that is similar to a name brand we love I always give it a try. I think it is safe to say 80% of the time I end up switching to the store brand since it works or tastes just as good and is less expensive.

Word of thrifty wisdom: Always test out new store brand products in the smallest amount available. You don’t save money if you try out a 32 oz bottle of shampoo because it was cheaper per ounce than the 16 oz bottle, only to discover 3 hair washes in that it leaves your hair greasy and you can’t bear to go on and finish the bottle.

8. Start a price book and find cheaper sources for products each week

Just recently I found a cheaper source of natural peanut butter that will save my family a few dollars each month (my kids eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches as snacks). I wouldn’t have noticed the price difference if I didn’t keep track of what I pay for peanut butter and an easy way to keep track of prices like peanut butter is by keeping a price book.

9. Sign up for samples of your favorite brands

Freebies4Mom and Money Saving Mom both list free samples that you can sign up for. The samples themselves save you money but what will save you $1 a week is the high value coupons worth $1 or more that generally come with these samples.

10.  Use your bread machine

I uses our bread machines every week to make hamburger buns, bread rolls, pizza dough or cinnamon rolls. These freshly baked items not only taste better than their store counterparts they are also cheaper. And yes those of you that prefer to make dough with your own two hands can save even more as you are not using electricity to run a bread machine.

Bonus Tip: Make A Dollar Or More Each Week With Swagbucks

If you spend any time at all online during the day chances are you could earn $1 week with Swagbucks without doing one extra thing except for signing up for Swagbucks and downloading their toolbar or making the Swagbucks homepage your page.

I read recently that the average Swagbucks earner earns 300 points a month just from internet searching done through using Swagbucks as your search engine. That is $3 a month right there. The other 100 points could easily be earned through shop and earn programs or more. Check out my post that explains how to use Swagbucks  as well as the post where I go over all the ways to earn.

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  1. These are some great tips!! Saving wherever you can adds up over the days. Yesterday while at Target, I forgot to use my 20% off Cartwheel discount for my kids’ clothes when checking out. I went over to customer service and she gave me the $6 difference. Woohoo!

  2. What great ideas! Sometimes I forget how easy I can add money back into our account. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Awesome tips, Victoria! Thanks for writing this! I’m definitely going to check out the apps you mentioned. 🙂

  4. Great tips! I’m looking forward to trying out a few that are new to me! I agree with the thrifty wisdom in #7 that you don’t want to waste money on a large item you may not like. For an unwanted shampoo, you can actually use it as a toilet cleaner. Squeeze a ring around the inside of the toilet, grab a toilet brush and scrub a little. Now you have a clean toilet and it smells good – thanks to the shampoo. (I learned this tip from flylady.com.)

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