10 Ways To Keep Children Busy When Camping In The Rain

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With the Memorial Weekend just days away comes the official start to the camping season, at least here in Indiana.

10 Ways To Keep Children Busy When Camping In The rain

Of course summer does not guarantee you a rain free camping experience and so you need a few ideas of how to keep the children busy should it rain while camping.

10 Ways To Keep Children Busy  Inside The Tent Or Camper When Camping In The Rain

1. Coloring books and crayons or felts

Coloring books are not just for little children to enjoy with their crayons , you can get some very detailed ones for older children to enjoy with fine tipped felts  as well.

Make it a family experience by holding a coloring contest.

2. Card games

Board games are hard to bring camping as they require a lot of space and often contain a lot of little pieces to keep track of, card games however can be easily stored in a ziplock bag and played just about anywhere. Here are a few family favorites

Some of these games can be played with a plain deck of cards that can also be used for several more games. You might think of investing in a book on family card games and just bring it and a deck of cards.

3.  Word Search & Other Word Game Books

If your child can read they are ready for word find books or crossword puzzle books. These can be played alone or together.

4. Connect the Dots, Hidden Pictures, Maze, books 

If you child isn’t recognizing words yet, or doesn’t enjoy word game  connect the dots, hidden pictures and maze books are always fun.

5. Books to Read

Either read-a-loud titles that the whole family will love to listen too as they are waiting for the rain to end or books read individually.

You might want to check out my Building A Home Library inexpensively series for ideas of where to find great quality low price and free books to bring on your camping trip.

6. Tell Stories Of Your Lives

Pass the time away by going back in time, “I remember  the day you were born”, “I remember when I was your age”, stories like these make children feel special and more connected with their parents.

7. I Spy

The classic “I spy with my little eye something that is…” does not require you to pack anything extra and is great for passing time.

8. Paper Dolls

A new paper doll book is a great activity that will get your children’s imagination going. They come as flat books so they are easy to pack in with your camping gear.

9. Play dough on a cookie sheet

If you are a parent who doesn’t mind the chance for a little mess to clean up  a few jars of play dough and a cookie sheet don’t take up much room and they can provide hours of fun to little campers crammed in the tent or camper while it rains.

10.  A blank pad of paper and a few pens or pencils

A blank pad of paper can be used for endless rounds of tick tack toe,  hangman, and much more. If you have older children you could try doing a round robin story where each person adds one sentence to the story before passing the pad of paper on to the next person who then reads the story from beginning to end out loud before adding their own sentence.

These 10 ideas I am sure only scratch the surface of what can be done when camping in the rain, please leave additional ideas you might have in the comment section below. 

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  1. Great list! We love card games too!!!

    • This is a terrible list! I was hoping for ideas of getting out INTO the rain! 1) jump in puddles 2.) blow bubbles and see how often the rain pops them! 3.) build a tiny fairy waterfall… etc. You get the idea! 4.) mud pies! 5.) mud wrestling 6.) mud handprint art 7.) splash & splatter art… grab a canvas, a paintbrush, and use the rain and mud as your medium 8.) muddy slip-n-slide 9.) face painting w/ mud 10.) funny mud hair dos…

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