10 Ways To Find Time For Blogging And Life

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10 ways to find time for blogging and life

You want to start a blog but you just don’t know where to fit it in your schedule. Or perhaps you have been working on your blog for a while now but every other area of your life seems to be crumbling. Finding time to blog yet still maintaining balance can be a difficult process but not impossible.

10 Ways To Find Time For Blogging And Life

 1. Streamline

Consider weekly menu planning . Freezer cook. Make a set cleaning routine. Get rid of clutter in your home. Whatever you can do to shave off a few minutes work here and there will eventually add up to hours found to work on blogging.

2.Say No

If blogging is really what you want to do make it a priority by saying no to things that would steal time needed to do a good job at it. Pick just one or two outside the home commitments and no more.

 3. Be Ready For Windows of Opportunity 

Keep your eyes open and your to do list ready for surprise chances to work more

These last two weeks, my husband had a day off mid week where it was too cold for him to do anything that he had planned so he was kind enough to homeschool the kids for me. Since I had a to do list for the blog already written I was able to use the day to the fullest and get a lot of writing done

 4. Stay focused

Do whatever you can do to limit distractions. Don’t keep your social media sites open on other tabs as you write. Write before the kids are up or after they go to bed. Escape to a place where you can write undistrubed.

For instance I often drive to a neighboring town to write at a Starbucks there, just because I found if I wrote at the Starbucks in my own town, people I knew kept on popping in and I was spending more time socializing with them than writing. I also find if I go to Starbucks I get more written than at home because I am not trying to do laundry, or popping downstairs to tell my husband one more thing, or …

5.What Can You Multitask and What Can You Not

This differs from person to person but for me, if I try to write articles when the kids are around I find myself barking at them when they interrupt me, not the type of mom I want to be. But if I am writing outlines, or leaving comments on other blogs, or editing pictures and they should interrupt then I am able to look up from my work answer their questions and go right back to what I am doing, no train of thought lost; therefore, I save writing for when my husband is home and I can write uninterrupted.

6. Be honest with yourself about how much time you really have to blog and have a life too

In the summer, the kids and I are out and about more, therefore I have less time to blog. In winter we stay home more, therefore I have more time to blog. What this means for the blog is that I make an announcement just as summer begins that I will cut my posting from 5 to 3 posts a week for the summer months.

Blog readers would rather have 3 quality posts than 5 so so ones, and my kids would rather have a more relaxed mamma, than a stressed out one who brings her laptop to the pool instead of jumping in with them.

 7. Put The 20% that brings you 80% first

Look at your analytics, where is your traffic coming from? Spend the bulk of your time doing what you can to build your traffic in that area, and if you have time left over then try to improve the other 20%.

For me that means I am currently redoing 5 posts a week from my first year of blogging for Pinterest since Pinterest drives the most traffic to my site. But, besides tweeting new posts to twitter I do very little there because they are number 50 on my sources of traffic.

 8. Treat Blogging Like A Job

If you treat blogging as a hobby it will always take a back seat, if you treat it like a job it will take priority. Just like an employer gives you tasks to perform each week, set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals for your blog. Strive to be continually learning and growing. By doing these things you will make time to blog.

9. Ask For Help And Then Delegate

Even the youngest of children can help you with housework. Set the children down and explain in simple terms the benefits of you blogging, and then write them each a simple list of chores that they could do to help you.

Talk to your husband  about how you desire for your blog to help out financially but  you need time to work on it and then ask “how would he be willing to help you make time?”. He may will offer to put the kids to bed, cook dinner on his days off, take over a household chore or two, put a few ideas out there and let him decide which ones he feels he could do.

10. Put A Limit On Your Work Day

If you want to blog and yet still have a life you need to not only carve out time to blog but also decide what times during the day and week that you will not blog. For instance, I have a self imposed computer off for blogging reasons by 7 pm rule. I also do not blog during the afternoon school hours, so I can be more hands on with my children’s schooling.

I am also working on creating my work schedule in a way so that I can take the bulk of Sunday off from blogging.

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  1. What a very helpful article! I need to work on a cleaning schedule, delegating and setting an end to my work day!

  2. I just found you through Pinterest and I love your blogging tips! I’ve recently started blogging and am always happy to find helpful content for newbies. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful post. I’m still rearranging my schedule trying to find a good balance between life and blogging. It’s helpful to read other people tips.

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