10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Workout Clothes

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I run, I bike, I swim, I kayak, I walk, I hike, and  I have a small dresser full of workout gear and accessories   in my dining room to prove it.

How to save money on workout clothes

Yes, my workout gear is in my dining room. It got moved there when my husband use to work late and I worked out early and moving the workout gear to another room was a way of keeping the peace. But you didn’t come today for marriage tips you came wanting ways to save money on workout gear.

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money on Workout Clothes

1. Buy on clearance

I rarely ever pay more than $5 for a workout top and I am able to keep them in that price range by continually searching the clearance racks every time I am in Target and TJ Maxx.

2. Stay Away From Pricey Designer Brands

Names like Danskin, Avia and Champion make up the majority of my workout gear. These brands work well and cost less than designer label workout gear.

3. Own just what you need

I workout daily, sometimes twice a day (yes I know I have a problem). I know I need exactly 4 hot weather outfits and 4 cold weather outfits to get by between washes, no more, no less.

4. Take care of what you buy

I have a drying rack in our upstairs bathroom and I use it for all my workout gear. Lycra and moisture wicking fabrics last longer when you allow them to drip dry.

5. Search for coupons and discount codes and cash back deals if shopping on line

I bought my last workout shirts from Walmart.com I made sure to check all of my favorite cash back companies to see who was offering the best cash back deal.

(psst. don’t forget to check out how many Swag Bucks you would get per dollar too if you were to shop through their site to see if you might be better off getting Swag Bucks towards gift cards than a cash deal)

6. Buy your workout clothes with discount gift cards

TJ Max is one of my favorite places for buying inexpensive compression gear and running bras. When I know I am getting close to needing new ones I check cardpool.com for a discount gift card, that lets me save money before I even walk in the doors.

7. Shop online outlet stores

When I was swimming laps in the morning I met a lady who gave me a great savings tip for all swimmers. She told me to swimoutlet.com to save money on swimsuits and swim gear. If you know of another great online outlet store for workout clothes share it in the comments.

8. Keep your eyes open for New With Tag deals at Online consignment stores

I know very few people who are interested in second hand workout gear, but did you know that ThredUP offers a New With Tags section that can be a great source of inexpensive new workout wear. Best part if you are not a member you get $10 for to spend on your first order at ThredUp  when you sign up through my referral links.

9. Cash in points from point reward programs for gift cards towards purchasing your workout gear

Swagbucks offers a variety of gift card options for stores that sell workout gear, including my 3 favorite sources for inexpensive workout gear, Walmart, Target and TJMaxx.

Set a goal to earn so much a month, I have plans that can help you earn ,$25 to $50 a month or more each and every month and you could earmark the points for gift cards for workout gear

10. Daily deal sites

My favorite site for workout gear deals is Zulily. They have sales almost daily on different brands of workout gear. Over the course of a month Zulily will run sales on workout gear that suits almost every figure type and budget.

Want to make working out as thrifty as your workout clothes? Check out 10 Ways Thrifty People Exercise.

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  1. I usually buy my workout clothes either on sale at Kohls (They sell Adidas brand there) or WalMart (I really like their Danskin line). Thanks for the tip about Cardpool.com – I bookmarked it for future reference. Thanks!

    • Your welcome and ya Kohls has some great clearance deals for workout clothing. I got tops their for around $2 a piece their once.


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