10 Ways Thrifty People Homeschool


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10 ways thrifty people homeschoolThe new school year got me thinking as to all the ways our family saves money on homeschooling. Here are 10 of those ways.

10 Ways Thrifty People Homeschool

1. Thrifty people have Apps Gone Free downloaded and follow it daily

Our family has gotten several useful math and geography apps from  Apps Gone Free available for free at the Apple App Store.

2. Thrifty people follow Smart Apps For Kids Facebook page and always check out there Free App Friday post

I discovered Smart Apps For Kids through Money Saving Mom who features a link to  Free App Friday every week. In just one week I saved  $36 by getting a full series of Spanish apps. for my son for free.

3. Thrifty People check the free kindle book listing at eReader Girl daily

eReader Girl lists a small selection of free kindle books for children daily. Although my children are too old for most of them sometimes we snag a title or two. I often find great homeschooling books for moms in the nonfiction section of eReader Girl. Including the  book Pig in The Pantry which is one of my favorite reads of 2013.

4.Thrifty people belong to Paperbackswap

Paperbackswap is an online book swap site. You list 10 books you are willing to part with and receive credits that you can choose books with once someone chooses one of your titles. You pay to ship your books others have chosen but when you chose a book it comes to you free of charge.  I have gotten great books to add to our home library this way for only the cost of shipping out books requested from me.

5. Thrifty People are avid users of Retail Me Not and other discount code sites

Our family buys most of our curriculum through Christian Book Distributors and I always check for a free shipping code at Retail Me Not before pressing enter. More often than not there is one available saving me as much as $25 per order (I order a lot of books at once) for less than 2 minutes work.

6. Thrifty People shop and sell at second hand curriculum sales.

I always bring my oldest child along to the second hand curriculum sales. He mans the selling table while I shop. By both shopping the sale and selling at the sale we not only save money but we also go home having made money.

7. Thrifty people use free websites for schooling.

When my children were little they I used Starfall to help teach them to read. As they grew older I started using Spelling City to help with their spelling list.

8. Thrifty people make the most of their Netflix account

If you have younger kids they can watch Sid The Science Kid for science. Slightly older kids can watch Magic School Bus. My older kids benefited from How It Is Made and many other series found on Netflix that help bring science to life. (I am not saying this should be your only science curriculum just a way to enrich it)

9. Thrifty people take advantage of free and low cost community events

Our family goes to the children’s museum on free days. We know when the city zoo near us has reduced admission prices.  I keep my eyes peeled for free or low cost music and theater events.

10. Thrifty people shop yard sales

My children don’t care what their binders look like since they are never leaving the house with them so I purchase them for .25 cents to .50 cents each at yard sales. I also find packages of unused blank flash cards,fancy themed pencils, great nonfiction and fiction titles and sometimes even actual homeschooling curriculum.


Bonus tip: Thrifty people belong to Educents a daily deal site sharing deep discounts on educational curriculum and supplies. ( right now receive a $10 credit for signing up with Educents)

Thrifty homeschoolers I know there are many more ways to save money on homeschooling. I would love to hear your favorite ways to save on your families homeschooling needs in the comment section.

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  1. I would say use the library – the book resource aloe is fabulous, but many libraries are so much more than just books. They often have movies/documentaries for check out, educational presentations, art exhibitions, and more.

  2. so very true, I use many of these tips!!!!

  3. Great list of ideas for being thrifty! Thanks :)

  4. Great list! I do most of these but I will have to check out Paperbackswap. Thanks for the tips!  I’d  love to have you link this to Titus 2 Tuesday this week on Cornerstone Confessions.. I hope to see you there. 

    • Love Paperbackswap, especially for my oldest child whose curriculum comes with a suggested reading list of books that are not always found in our local library.

  5. Try Homeschool Freebie of the Day! Awesome.

  6. Ha, I’m laughing as I’m reading each one, going, “Yep, that’s me. Definitely done that. That too.” Proud to be a thrifty homeschooler!

  7. We use Netflix all the time. It is fabulous for history/social studies. There are so many really cool shows which can peak an interest and really fuel the fire to do some research. We have also done quite a few things with watching various movie adaptations of books after reading the novel.

  8. We definitely use the library. We do not buy any science or history curriculum. We use only library books. I B-) ought a reading curriculum at a yard sale for $5 that will last me 4 years. After that, we will use the library for reading. We also use unit studies and various worksheets we find for free online to go along with our theme for science and history.


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