10 Ways Thrifty Bloggers Save Money On Blogging

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I blog on a very tight budget. Currently I invest just 10 percent of my earnings back into my blog and right now that money is being saved to help create an ebook.

10 Ways Thrifty People Blog Blogging on a shoestring budget

One of the reason I keep the percentage I put back into the blog at such a low level is right now our family budget needs most of my after tax earnings. My husband quit his second job  and the goal is to have the blog completely replace that lost income.

Here are 10 ways I Save Money On Blogging Expenses

1. I set a blog budget

You will notice I said that this year I am investing 10% of my gross earnings.  Having a percentage limit for reinvestment  gives me a budget for my blog to work with. With so many tools out there to help bloggers that are just $5 or $10 a month setting a spending limit helps me not nickel and dime my  earnings away.

You will also notice I   have a goal set for the amount of money I want to add to the families monthly budget. Once I meet it I plan to start investing a greater percentage of my earnings.

2. I use free photo editing software

I use the free version of Pic Monkey almost daily for my images. I have also used Canava from time to time and Be Funky.

3. I rarely use stock photos but when I do they are free ones.

Currently over 90 percent of the photos on this site are once I took myself. I have just recently found some great sources of free stock photos but am just really starting to dive into using them.

The rest of the blog photos I have taken myself. Some turn out great others need work but I really do like taking photos. My favorite way to come up with blog photo ideas is to look at the list of what I want to write about this week and then  head out for a run. While I run I think about what images pop into my head when I think about a topic and how I can recreate that image.

4. I don’t pay for scheduling tools

I pin all my pins to group boards on Pinterest live and with my own hands. I use the free Facebook scheduling available right on my blogs Facebook page. I am not actively tweeting on twitter much but when I do it is live.

I have thought of scheduling Pinterest several times and as income grows I might.

5. I take advantage of free exposure

I link my blog posts up weekly to a handful of popular blog link ups.  When I can find the time (which isn’t as often as I would like) I will pitch and write a guest post for a blog that is larger than mine. I comment on other blogs and on other blogs social media sites, and I of course am active on most social media platforms.

6. I take part in free networking opportunities

I have only ever gone to one blog conference but I do talk with other bloggers online on an almost daily basis. I have joined several blogging groups on Facebook and add to the conversations there when I feel I have something to offer. I email bloggers not to just promote but with just because messages that share friendship building conversations.

I also attend local free blogging events when I can find them.

My favorite social media platform for free networking is Instagram. The pictures give me something to relate to and comment on and it lets me peek at the life of the person beyond the blog like no other social media platform does.

7. I use free help sources but I am not against paying for help

I often tell my children mom is in car school, as I listen to several podcasts a week on how to blog better while driving to do errands or take children here or there. I also listen to these podcasts as I cook, clean or go for a walk.

When I am stuck on something that has to do with the technical side of blogging   I  go to You Tube for help first, or one of the bloggers Facebook groups I am in.

If I think the fix is beyond me then I hire it out. It is cheaper to fix the problem right the first time than mess it up and have to pay someone hours of labor costs to fix it.

8. I enter blog contests for blogging conferences and products

I have not won yet but whenever I see a blogger offering a contest for a free blogging conference ticket or a free blog design I enter. You never know.

9.  I use windfalls from sources beyond my blog wisely to boost my blog

About a year into blogging I received an inheritance from one of my grandmothers. I used a portion to buy a good quality DSL camera, and a Macbook pro. These two tools have made all the difference in the word for how efficiently I can blog.

I also invested a portion of the money to go to a blogging conference where I met bloggers who I still chat online with today.

10. I prioritize the money I do have for reinvestment 

Even though I am only investing 10 percent of my gross earnings right now I think long and hard about every penny I spend.

For right now I decided the best use was to save up for someone to edit my ebook, as well as someone to do a cover for it and someone to get it on Kindle for me.

I don’t currently have a product of my own and my car schooling research as well as the blog review I invested in last year both tell me that a product of your own is a great way to build readership, community and revenue for your blog.

As you can see I am not against investing in my blog, I just believe it has to balance what I bring in. I started my blog to help my family financially. The family needs my income now, not further down the road when the blog is bigger and earning more.

I know some of these things above only cost a few dollars a month but a few dollars a month here and there adds up quickly.

How do you balance spending money on your blog verse earning an income from it?

ways to monetize your blog from day one (button)Learn how I monetized my blog from day one using sources of income some bloggers overlook.

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  1. Nice tips and good luck with your ebook in progress! I found your blog a few weeks ago but don’t think I’ve commented yet. I am very new to blogging, and quickly realized how easy it is to spend money on your blog: lovely themes, photos on Canva, premium services of every kind. Like with most things, money saving or free options exist, but often in exchange for more time invested! 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      True you have to balance the money to the time saved. For instance I paid someone to do a few things that the people who reviewed my blog said needed to be done simply because I knew I would spend hours researching how to do it and hours more doing it. Other things though don’t save time just give more options like the pic monkey membership.

  2. What a great post. You do a few things that I never do, so I’m so glad to have learned from your experiences. Wishing you all the best!

  3. You might consider investing in someone to copy edit your blog. I usually find one or more mistake (i.e., in #1 above “You will noticed I said”).

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks for letting me know I will change that. Yes, someone to edit my posts is on my list of things I would like to higher out once I earn more. Right now I am putting that money aside to have my e-book professionally edited.

  4. Great post! I need to set a budget. What are you favorite blog hops? I love the idea of listen to podcasts about blogging. What are your favorites? Thank you1

    • Victoria says:

      My favorite blog hops really depend on what I am writing about but of few that I try to hit regularly are Mom2Mom on Mondays (several blogs but The Purposeful Mom is the first that comes to mind) , One Project at A Time on Tuesdays (Bowl Full Of Lemons) , The Mommy Club on Wednesdays (several blogs involved but first that comes to mind is Crystal & Co.), Thrifty Thursdays on Thursday (Living Well Spending Less) and Frugal Fridays (Sarah Titus) on Friday. For Podcasts I like Ask Pat, Brilliant Business Moms, Learning With Leslie,and 1 Day Business Breakthrough.

  5. Great post! It’s so easy to get sucked in to all of the blogging books, courses, etc. I’ve tried to make some strategic investments to help my blog. I pay for my email so I can have drip campaigns. I’m trying out CoSchedule because it seems to be saving some valuable time for me. (I don’t know if I’ll keep it yet, though.) And the biggest investment, which has been totally worth it, Elite Blog Academy. I think the key is to really think through what will benefit you the most when decided where to invest. There have been things that I’ve been tempted to buy for my blog, but then thought it over and decided it wouldn’t be a great fit, it’s not really in the budget, or it’d take away time for actually creating content.Things I don’t pay for are photo editing software or photos too. I also love free learning resources – I just have to limit my time on them or else I end up spending more time learning than doing. Thanks for sharing, Victoria!

  6. I don’t blog, but I do have a handmade craft business that I am putting all my efforts into building right now. I follow a lot of these same principles. So far this year, just from networking on Facebook, i’ve received free logo design and a domain name/website set up from others who are trying to build their own portfolios. This is all great advice, thank you!

  7. I do the same thing. I utilize all the free websites and apps that I can. Do a lot of the work myself. I pay for hosting from a small one-person business (which gives great personal first name basis customer service – same person every time) that is much cheaper than the big companies where I’m just another number anyways. I bought my second MacBook (Pro) last Black Friday to save money. I’m just frugal with everything, why should my blog be any different. Thanks for the post! Great advice for all bloggers.

  8. I would love to know your reasons for buying a MAC. I don’t know much about them but I am curious as to why they are better! I think this is a very balanced article-it seems you have found what works for you. Thank you for sharing!

    • Victoria says:

      My reasons for buying my MacBook Pro was the customer service. I bought it directly from the Apple store and they were super helpful when I bought it and I even when back and asked a bunch of questions about features that differed from my Dell laptop and they were again very helpful.

  9. This is perfect. Thanks for posting it! I feel like I’m constantly at odds with thrifty self in the blogging world because every post about how to get off the ground with writing / blogging talks about spending, oops, investing money. I just want some people to read what I write, for cryin’ out loud. The tools out there are nifty, but at least for now, I’ll keep a low profile and do some things you mention here.

  10. I am just starting out, so your list is incredibly helpful! Blogging can be expensive, and it is nice to know that there are others out there (especially with such popular and professional blogs like yours) who are doing it on a budget. Thanks for the insight!

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks for the compliment it put a smile on my face. Yes blogging can be expensive but yes it doesn’t have to be. Sure keeping it lower cost does mean harder sometimes work but you have to weigh the two. Putting a percentage of profit to re-invest has really helped me stay focused on what matters most.

  11. I am still learning with picmonkey to make them cool pictures.

  12. Some great suggestions, I’m on my way to check out those blogging podcasts after I finish typing this! LOL:)
    You really do need to set a budget, because things can get hectic, making all the paid services EXTREMELY tempting, even when you can’t afford them!
    Some excellent tips to help beginners from getting carried away!
    Discovered you on the Thrifty Thursday Linkup, great post:)

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