10 Sites To Help Your Site Become Awesome

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10 sites to help your site become awesomeBefore I started blogging I had very little no idea what went into creating a successful blog. I figured you wrote a post, edited it, added  a decent picture for the visual folks and pressed publish.  Once the post was posted you did your best to tell others it was there and then the news would just spread.

That was about all I knew. Thankfully over the last 2 years I have found numerous sites written by more experienced bloggers than myself who not only know what it takes to run a successful blog, but are very good at it and have made telling others how to do it their jobs.

So I spend time each week reading their sites and pinning their articles for future reference to either my blogging tips board or my Twitter tips board , Pinterest tips board, Photography tips board, Facebook Page tips board ,or my Pressgram & Instagram tips board, and slowly as I have time do what they tell me to do and WOW it actually works; my site grows!

I dug into my blogging tips board on Pinterest to make this list, and I have to tell you it was hard to pick just 10 blogs, but ultimately there were 10 that kept on showing up as I scrolled down the pins on my board…….

10 Sites To Help Your Site Become Awesome

1. Jimmie Lanley

2. Momcomm

3. Homeschool Blogging

4. Blogging With Amy

5. The Blog Maven

6. Blogging On The Side

7. Christian Mommy Blogger

8. Goins, Writer

9. Business 2 Blogger

10. Blogging Basics 101

Word of caution, digging into these sites can be overwhelming because there is so much good information within them it can leave you not knowing where to start.

Here are 2 ways I have dealt with “How To Blog” information overload

I read “How To Blog”  blogs with a goal already in mind.

For instance last year I really wanted to get my blog out there and get it noticed. So I searched these blogs for ways to increase traffic to my site and when I found other articles on other topics  that I liked as I was searching, I simply pinned them so that I can refer to them when  I decide to address that topic as a goal for my blog.

I  gave myself a set amount of time each week for researching

You could literally spend all the time you have available to work on your blog reading these sites and never get to improving your own site. Look at what time you have available to blog each week and put aside a small time slot each week for reading about blog improvements. If you are a total newbie you might want to do 2 to 3 hours a week (which is what I did my first year when I needed to learn everything) if you have a year or two under your belt you can cut it back to 30 minutes to 1 hour a week reading on how to improve your site.

Make individual Pinterest boards to address different areas

There are so many different aspects of blogging, having one board would make it like digging for a needle in a haystack to find  a pin when I want to use the information from it. By giving each social media platform its own board, I made it easier to find what I want when I am ready for it.

(post contains affiliate links)

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Blogging University Sophomore year (small)

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  1. This is so helpful! MyMothermode.com is at the point of having the content, but needing to get it out there. I plan to use your tip to set up separate Pinterest blog reference boards, maybe even “secret” boards to avoid boring my non-blogging followers.

  2. Thanks Victoria!I have been searching for blogging tips and not found anything I just happen to come across your blog thank goodness.This really helps a lot.My Blog citygirlgonecountrymama.com is almost done just need a few more things thanks again.Bless you!

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