10 Family Gifts For Under $10

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There are special families in our lives that we all love as much as family. At Christmas time those families are often on our hearts and we want to give them a gift as an expression of our love, but budgets are tight and we can’t think of a thing that would be inexpensive and loved by the whole family.

10 family gifts under $10 that encourage family togetherness

Well I did the brain storming for you and came up with 10 family gifts that I think any family would love to receive.

10 Family Gifts For Under $10

1. A Family Movie Night Kit

Redbox movies are less than $2 to rent. You can get gift cards to Redbox but they start at $10 to keep the gift under $10 I would suggest taping $2 in side a card and then spending the $8 left on a 2 liter of pop, a box of microwave popcorn (look on line for a coupon and combine it with a sale) and a bag of the families favorite candy.

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how to purchase board games for less (small)

2. Family Board Game Night

Use my tips to save money purchasing a board game and then throw in a 2 liter of pop and a box of popcorn.

3. A Hot Chocolate Basket

Purchase mugs from your local dollar store, or online at Hollar, as well as some hot cocoa mix and some candy canes for them to stir it with.

Here are more ideas of various gift baskets you can make up from items from the dollar store.

4. A $10 Gift Card To Their Favorite Dollar Menu Restaurant

They might not be able to get a whole meal on you, but they can enjoy a snack on a way home from a long afternoon of errands.

(psst….At InstaGC you can earn $10 e-gift cards to Burger King, Dairy Queen, Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, and  Tim Hortons you could give as gifts. Here are my favorite ways to earn gift cards using InstaGC)

No machine needed peppermint candy ice cream takes under 5 minutes to prepare

5. Ice Cream Sundae Night

Purchase a $5 gift card to a local grocery store, or buy the ice-cream if you are taking the gift straight to their home. Make homemade peppermint chocolate sauce,  or hot fudge sauce,  or caramel sauce and place it in repurposed jars (what do you eat on a regular basis in glass jars that could be sanitized and delabeled and reused for free).  Tie the jars with ribbons. If you have a bit of money leftover put in a jar of chocolate sprinkles.

This gift would be best to make for several families at once as the homemade sauces make enough for three family gifts each.

root beer float6. Root Beer Float Night

My family love Root Beer floats. For under $10 you can purchase a box of vanilla ice cream (or take put in a gift card for $5 if you are not delivering the gift directly to them), a 2 liter of root beer and even throw in a few $1 glass mugs from Dollar Tree  that make great float glasses.

7. Free Baby Sitting Coupon

This isn’t giving family time but it is giving marriage strengthening time which is essential for all families. With this tip you can spend the $10 on snacks or a special craft to enjoy when the children come to your house while mom and dad head out.

simple layered taco pie (small)

8. A Family Meal Made By Your Family

This will be especially appreciated by families who have both parents working outside the home. Give them a coupon for a free meal made by you, make sure you follow up and set a date.  Bring it over hot, and give the family the time they save preparing it to spend together.

(psst….the Ibotta app offers $25 Walmart gift cards as a cash out option. Claim cash backs on your groceries using the Ibotta app and cash in for Walmart gift cards to purchase all the supplies you need to make dinner for the families on your gift list. Here is a tutorial on how to use Ibotta)

Chocolate chip cookie dough freezes well and I have never met someone who does not like them.

Chocolate chip cookie dough freezes well and I have never met someone who does not like them.

9. Cookies In A Tin With A Twist

A lot of families give cookies as gifts this time of year, so it is possible to swamp a family with too many sweet treats. Instead why don’t you make up a batch of your famous chocolate chip cookie dough, but freeze the dough balls on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Place the frozen cookie balls in a festive tin with instructions of how to bake them. Homemade break and bake cookies…..yum!

10. Personalized Christmas Ornaments

These are gifts that will be treasured for years. There are so many different ways of doing this, from a plain Christmas tree ball with their names and birth dates marked in sharpie or paint pen, to hand stamped dough personalized to their likes, trains for the train lover, bears for the stuffed animal lover and so on. Here is a link to my DIY Christmas Ornament board on Pinterest to get your creative side going.

Bonus Tip: Make the family up a beautiful photo album of moments you have shared together. Or you could make a photo book that shares your favorite recipes you enjoy together. To keep this gift idea under $10 use free album Shutterfly codes–here is where I find mine.

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