10 Christmas Time Date Ideas That Cost Zero


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Christmas time expenses can really add up. Mix this with the busyness of the season and it can be easy to say to your significant other “let’s just not go out on a date this month.” Don’t do that! Instead, enjoy these 10 Christmas time date ideas that cost zero –some of them will even help you knock out your to-do list at the same time (but in a fun way ).

10 Christmas time date ideas that cost zero.

10 Christmas Time Date Ideas That Cost Zero

1. See The Light Show

Our town has a drive-through light show in the park and so does another neighboring town. I am guessing you might have a good light show near you as well. If you do, make some hot chocolate at home and enjoy either a walk or drive through the lights–just the two of you.

2. Volunteer Together

Serve a dinner to the needy. Stock shelves at your local food pantry. Deliver meal baskets. Ring the bells for the Salvation Army. Pass out candy and drinks to runners running Christmas themed races. The opportunities to volunteer together are endless.

10 Christmas Time Date Ideas That Cost Zero

3. Have Fun In The Snow

Go sledding. If you don’t own a sled, a simple garbage bag will do in a pinch. Put a piece of cardboard inside to give it some shape (I did this as a child and it does work, although not as well as a real sled–but it is free). Build a snowman together, have a snowball fight, make snow angels, or simply go for a walk in the snow and enjoy its beauty.

4. Christmas Movie Night (At Home)

Grab a free Redbox code and snag a Christmas movie (Money Saving Mom lists them). You can also borrow a few Christmas movies from your local library. Raid the cupboards for treats you already have on hand. Snuggle up on the couch and enjoy your movie night.

10 Christmas Time Date Ideas That Cost Zero

5. Cuddle By Tree Light & Dream

There is just something so romantic about snuggling by the Christmas tree. Christmas time is also the perfect time to dream about the year to come. Discuss goals that you and your significant other would love to reach in the New Year both as individuals and as a couple.

6. Attend A Free Christmas Play Or Musical

Most local churches and schools put on free Christmas plays and/or concerts during the Christmas season. Find out about them through Facebook, local bulletin boards, and your local newspaper.

10 Christmas Time Date Ideas That Cost Zero

7. Decorate

Decorate the tree, Christmas cookies, or a gingerbread house together. Better yet, combine this idea with idea number 2 and decorate for someone who might not be able to decorate their home by themselves anymore.

8. Hold Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Go to your local thrift store and try on the ugliest Christmas sweaters you can find. Snap a photo, post it on Instagram or Facebook, and have your friends vote on who found the ugliest one. The winner owes the loser a back rub.

10 Christmas Time Date Ideas That Cost Zero

9. Do Some Christmas DIY Together

Make your own Christmas wreath, tree decorations, or bake cookies from scratch. Spending time creating together is a great time to get to know each other on a deeper level, or if you have been together for years it is simply a great time to enjoy each other’s company and keep the connections going.  (psst…if your projects turn out great you could give them as gifts to friends & family)

10. Wrap Gifts Together

Wrapping Christmas presents can be such a monotonous job, but when 2 do it together it can be kind of fun. Crank up the Christmas music, break out your favorite Christmas beverage (like hot chocolate or peppermint mocha) and get wrapping.

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