10 Bible Verses Thrifty People Memorize

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10 bible verses thrifty people memorize

My husband and I began our journey into God centered finances with a bible study by Crown Ministries. Each class began with reciting last week’s bible verse from memory (no books allowed to be opened) and if you could not recite the verse you could not comment on that weeks lesson. Seriously people, no talking! I am an introvert but one way I do love to interact, is discussing what I am learning with others, you can bet I memorized all those verses, and to this day they impact all our families financial decisions.

I have learned several more verses since that bible study years ago and today I want to share 10 of my most favorite verses on how to handle money with you.

10 Bible Verses Thrifty People Memorize

1. Stewardship

stewardship 1 corninthians 422. Self Control

selfcontrol proverbs 25283. Giving

giving proverbs 2294. Contentment

contentment 1 timothy 685. Coveting

coveting exodus 20176. Work Ethic

workethic ecclesiastes 910A7. Debt

debt proverbs 2278. Tithing

tithing Proverbs 399. Honesty

honesty verse 210. Rest

verse on restI think it is important for every christian who is looking to improve the financial state of their household to memorize scriptures on money. I am so glad I was forced to  all those years ago. I now memorize willingly as I really saw the fruit of having scripture deep within you heart and mind.

To help you memorize these verses I have a free printable available for you to download. This printable is plain and simple and is meant to be used as part of my simple memorization system.

 Download: 10 Bible Verses Thrifty People Memorize flashcards

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Your Money Counts is the book that went along with the Crown Ministry Bible Study I took so many years ago. I still refer to Your Money Counts several times a year for biblical sound advice on how to best handle my families money. (affiliate link)

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  1. What an awesome way to look at finances with these verses! There are some wonderful lessons and principles there. Thank you for sharing these. I think I need to refer to them more often. 🙂

  2. Great verses!! Thanks for listing those out.

  3. Love this look at finances. Great verses!!

  4. I really like numbers three and ten. Nice job linking verses with finances.

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